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Highway 101: Padaro will widen Highway 101 to 3 lanes in each direction between the City of Carpinteria and Summerland.


The project includes new bridges over Toro and Arroyo Parida Creeks.


At the South Padaro Lane Undercrossing, the bridge and on- and off-ramps have been replaced. At the North Padaro Lane Interchange, new on- and off-ramp improvements are built.


There are also three new sound walls.

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Roadway Improvements
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Project Timeline

Updated May 2023

The timeline is a reference tool to show planned improvements and key closures.


The timing may change to accommodate modifications from the contractor, weather delays, and to improve construction.

Construction will begin in summer 2021 and continue through 2024. Highway 101 will have 2 lanes open in each direction during daytime construction. There will be nighttime closures with signed detours as needed.

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south padaro cover.png
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The South Padaro/Santa Claus Lane Undercrossing will be reconstructed with a new clear-span bridge and new on- and off-ramps. The bridge will feature an arch and beach-wood plank details. There will also be new sidewalks, lighting, bike lanes, parking and landscaping to improve pedestrian areas and bike connections.

Key Improvements

The World War 1 memorial between Santa Claus Lane and North Padaro Lane will feature 108 new oak trees and a unique center median with oak leaf reliefs, a blue ribbon, and Blue Star plaques. 

Median Design

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The County of Santa Barbara is working on a project to improve coastal access by extending a sidewalk and path from the existing North Padaro bridge over Union Pacific Railroad to Loon Point Park to an existing coastal access trail head. There will also be new California Coastal Trail and Coastal Access signs.

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Beach at Sunset

Santa Claus Lane Streetscape

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The County of Santa Barbara is working on pedestrian, bike, and coastal improvements along Santa Claus Lane. This project includes a bike path from Sandpoint Road to Padaro Lane, a roundabout at the east end of Santa Claus Lane, a new legal crossing for beach access, and enhanced parking along Santa Claus Lane. The County is also seeking funding to create permanent bathrooms.

The City of Carpinteria and the County are working with Caltrans and SBCAG on a Class I bikeway that will provide a connection from Santa Claus Lane to Carpinteria Avenue. This will connect a gap in the California Coastal Trail between Sandpoint Drive and Carpinteria Avenue. This will enable bicyclists to travel between Santa Claus Lane and Carpinteria.

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Highway 101: Carpinteria to Santa Barbara is a project undertaken by Caltrans and SBCAG in cooperation with local agencies to add a new carpool lane in each direction between Carpinteria and Santa Barbara. The project will improve bridges, interchanges, on- and off-ramps, and add sound walls.

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Carp to SB Project
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