NB 101 Summerland 9-13-22
NB 101 Summerland 9-13-22

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S. Padaro Undercrossing 9-13-22
S. Padaro Undercrossing 9-13-22

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NB 101 Summerland 9-13-22
NB 101 Summerland 9-13-22

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Timeframe: September 18 - October 1, 2022 *2-week update


**The northbound off-ramp at Sheffield Dr is scheduled to open nearly a week early on Sept 27. After the off-ramp at Sheffield Dr reopens, the northbound off-ramp at Evans/Lillie Ave will close to allow crews to build the new off-ramp.


Please drive safely through the corridor and remember to Slow for the Cone Zone. The speed limit is reduced to 55 mph for safety throughout the construction areas. Two freeway lanes remain open in each direction during daytime hours. 

  • Northbound Highway 101

    • Sunday nights, 9:00 pm - 7:00 am, 1 lane: S Padaro Ln to Sheffield Dr

    • Monday - Thursday nights, 8:00 pm – 7:00 am, 1 lane: S Padaro Ln to Sheffield Dr

    • Monday - Thursday days, Sept. 19 - 22, 9:00 am - 3:00 pm, off-ramp at Santa Monica Rd

    • Northbound on-ramp at Ortega Hill Rd, closed for up to 8 months, anticipated reopening Feb 14, drivers can use the on-ramp at Sheffield Dr. 

    • Off-ramp at Sheffield Dr, reopening early on Sept 27, prior to opening, drivers can use the off-ramp at San Ysidro Rd.

    • Off-ramp at Evans/Lillie Ave, beginning Sept 27, closed for up to 4 months, anticipated reopening Jan 25, drivers can use the northbound off-ramp at N Padaro Ln as a detour

  • Southbound Highway 101

    • Sunday nights, 10:00 pm - 7:00 am, 1 lane: Sheffield Dr to Carpinteria Ave

    • Monday - Thursday nights, 8:00 pm – 7:30 am, 1 lane:  Sheffield Dr to Carpinteria Ave 

    • Off-ramp at Evans Ave, closed for up to 9 months, anticipated reopening Oct 24, drivers can use the southbound off-ramp at Sheffield Dr

    • Off-ramp at S Padaro Ln/Santa Claus Ln, closed for up to 7 months, anticipated reopening Oct 19, drivers can use the off-ramp at Carpinteria Ave to Santa Ynez Ave, Via Real, and S Padaro Ln 

    • On-ramp at Santa Claus Ln, closed Sept 6, closed for up to 5 months, anticipated reopening Jan 29, drivers can use the detour on Via Real, Santa Ynez Ave, Carpinteria Ave, and Reynolds Ave

  • S Padaro Ln under Hwy 101, 9:00 pm - 6:00 am, Flaggers will direct traffic as needed. 

Please note:  consecutive ramps in the same direction will not be closed at the same time (unless where noted) to allow drivers to use a ramp before or after a closure. To view timelines, detours, and maps, please visit www.SBROADS.com and select the project segment. 

Highway 101:  Summerland
The Summerland segment is located between Sheffield Drive and North Padaro Lane. 

  • Highway 101 

    • Crews will grade soils, install roadway base, pave a base layer, install rebar, and pour concrete for the new northbound lanes (see photo above).

    • Northbound on-ramp at Ortega Hill

      • Bicyclists and pedestrians will continue to use the new bikeway detour adjacent to the existing bikeway while crews build a new sound wall. Work will continue on the underground supports (piles) and the footing for the new wall.

      • Crews are working on an updated ramp and bikeway.

    • Crews will continue work on retaining walls.

    • Work continues on new drainage improvements.

    • Crews will be adding new overhead sign foundations on the northbound side.

  • Sheffield Drive Interchange

    • Crews have poured concrete for the northbound off-ramp at Sheffield Drive.

    • Work continues on retaining walls, drainage, and safety barriers for the Sheffield Drive Undercrossing.

  • Evans Avenue Undercrossing & southbound off-ramp

    • Work continues on beach-wood surface texture on retaining walls. Work will also continue below the bridge on columns, slope paving, and lighting.

    • Crews continue working on retaining walls, drainage, and the roadway for the updated southbound off-ramp at Evans Ave.


Highway 101:  Padaro
The Padaro segment is located between North Padaro Lane and Santa Claus Lane. 

  • Highway 101 & Southbound off-ramp at S Padaro Ln/Santa Claus Ln

    • Crews will continue grading, installing roadway base, paving, installing rebar, and pouring concrete for the new southbound lanes and ramp.

    • Crews also continue work on retaining walls and drainage improvements.

    • Crews are installing new safety barriers along southbound 101.

  • Santa Claus Ln/S Padaro Ln Interchange

    • The concrete for the new bridge deck is curing, and crews have removed temporary supports (falsework) and temporary safety barriers (see photo above of the new clear span bridge).

  • Toro and Arroyo Parida Creeks

    • Crews will work on side walls (abutments), wing walls, and the bridge superstructure.

  • N Padaro Interchange

    • The concrete mix site is located at the southbound Highway 101 on-ramp at N. Padaro Ln. Please expect noise as trucks enter and exit the site and materials are delivered.

    • By mixing concrete on-site, the project saves an estimated 463,771 truck miles, reduces water use by 400,000 gallons (concrete mixed on-site uses less water), and saves taxpayers between $10-$15 million.

    • Concrete recycling continues by the northbound Highway 101 off-ramp at N. Padaro Ln.

  • Sound walls

    • Oceanview Park:  Crews will continue landscaping.

    • Southbound by the off-ramp at S. Padaro Ln:  crews will work on the wall footings and concrete block.


Santa Claus Lane Bikeway
The Santa Claus Lane Bikeway is located between Santa Claus Lane and Carpinteria Avenue between the freeway and railroad tracks.

  • Crews will continue removing old sidewalks on Carpinteria Ave and begin installing shoring for the upcoming retaining wall that will support the bikeway. Please expect noise during saw cutting and removals of old concrete along Carpinteria Ave between the southbound off-ramp and Estero St. 

  • At the end of Santa Claus Lane, there is a temporary vehicular turnaround prior to the construction area. Access to Sand Point Road is one-lane only due to ongoing utility work in the area in preparation for the County's upcoming Santa Claus Lane Streetscape project.


Please note that a five-month closure of the southbound on-ramp at Santa Claus Ln accommodates work for the Santa Claus Lane Bikeway and on-ramp improvements associated with the Highway 101: Padaro segment.

Highway 101:  Carpinteria
The Carpinteria segment is located between Santa Claus Lane and Bailard Avenue. 

  • Highway 101 & Ramps

    • Crews will finish up minor work associated with the newly opened improvements. 

  • Landscaping

    • Crews will continue preliminary activities to start the landscaping project in the Carpinteria segment. Please expect crews working in the shoulder areas and clearing weeds.

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South Padaro Improvements

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Toro Creek Improvements

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Sheffield Dr. Improvements

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Evans Ave. Improvements


Highway 101: Carpinteria to Santa Barbara is a project undertaken by Caltrans and SBCAG in cooperation with local agencies to add a new carpool lane in each direction between Carpinteria and Santa Barbara. The project will improve bridges, interchanges, on- and off-ramps, and add sound walls.