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Construction Update

Timeframe: July 7 - 20, 2024 *2-week update

Spotlight:  In Montecito, the southbound off-ramp at San Ysidro Rd has reopened and the southbound on-ramp at Posilipo Ln is closed through spring 2026. The divided northbound lanes between Hixon and Olive Mill Roads (shown in the graphic below) will start July 20 along with the closure of the northbound off-ramp at San Ysidro Rd. During the lane shifts, please expect both the northbound off-ramps at San Ysidro and Olive Mill Rds to be closed as crews move concrete safety barriers. Once the lanes are shifted, the northbound off-ramp at Olive Mill Rd will reopen. In Summerland, planting continues along the southbound lanes by the southbound off-ramp at Evans Ave and Greewell Creek. Irrigation work continues on the northbound side. In the Padaro segment, crews will continue working on new median safety barriers and drainage improvements. Crews will remove concrete barriers by the southbound on-ramp at Santa Claus Ln (see night closures below).

Closures (weather permitting)

Please drive safely through the corridor and remember to Slow for the Cone Zone. The speed limit is reduced to 55 mph for safety throughout the construction areas. Two freeway lanes remain open in each direction during daytime hours. Please expect day and night work.

  • Northbound Highway 101

    • Week of July 7

      • Sunday night, 9:00 pm - 5:00 am, 1 lane:  Carpinteria Ave to Hermosillo Rd

      • Monday - Thursday nights, 8:00 pm – 5:00 am, 1 lane:  Carpinteria Ave to Hermosillo Rd

        • July 20:  Off-ramp at Olive Mill Rd and on-ramp at Sheffield Dr closed for lane shift

    • On-ramp at San Ysidro Rd, closed until early 2025, drivers can use the northbound on-ramp at Sheffield Dr

    • Off-ramp at San Ysidro Rd, will be closed starting July 20 until mid-December 2024, drivers can use the northbound off-ramp at Sheffield Dr 

  • Southbound Highway 101

    • Sunday nights, 10:00 pm - 7:00 am, 1 lane:  Cabrillo Blvd to Carpinteria Ave

    • Monday - Thursday nights, 8:00 pm – 7:00 am, 1 lane:  Cabrillo Blvd to Carpinteria Ave

      • July 8 - 11, on-ramp at Santa Claus Ln

    • Off-ramp at San Ysidro Rd, has reopened

    • On-ramp at Posilipo Ln, closed until spring 2026. Drivers can use the southbound on-ramp at Sheffield Dr (see map below). 

    • Daytime Closures: off-ramp at Evans Ave, July 10-11, 9:00 am - 3 pm, and July 12 9:00 am - 2:00 pm

  • S Jameson Ln

    • Week of July 15, 7:00 am - 4:00 pm daily, flaggers will direct traffic as needed on S Jameson Ln between Danielson Rd and Eucalyptus Ln for retaining wall work

Please note: consecutive ramps in the same direction will not be closed at the same time (unless where noted) to allow drivers to use a ramp before or after a closure. To view timelines, detours, and maps, please visit and select the project segment. 

Highway 101: Montecito
The Montecito segment is located between Sheffield Dr and Olive Mill Rd. 


  • Highway 101

    • Freeway lanes

      • Crews will be removing old roadway and preparing for new drainage installation. Please expect trucks entering and exiting the median at night and day/night noise. 

      • Northbound lanes will shift on July 20.

    • Southbound off-ramp at San Ysidro Rd

      • The ramp has reopened. Crews will continue work on retaining walls.

    • Romero and Oak Creek Bridges

      • Crews will continue work on excavation and construction of the superstructures for the creek bridges. 

Highway 101:  Summerland
The Summerland segment is located between Sheffield Drive and North Padaro Lane. 


  • Landscaping

    • Crews continue planting along southbound Hwy 101 and installing irrigation on northbound Hwy 101 from N Padaro Ln to Evans Ave. (see photo above). Please expect Hwy 101 shoulder closures for this work as needed. 


Highway 101:  Padaro
The Padaro segment is located between North Padaro Lane and Santa Claus Lane.


  • Highway 101

    • Crews will continue work on median safety barriers (see photo above of Blue Star Memorial median acknowledging veterans), drainage improvements, and pavement.

  • S Padaro Ln Undercrossing

    • For the new bridge, crews will continue work on retaining walls, slopes, and pedestrian improvements under the bridge. 

  • N Padaro Interchange

    • Concrete Mix Site:  By mixing concrete on-site, the project saves an estimated 463,771 truck miles, reduces water use by 400,000 gallons (concrete mixed on-site uses less water), and saves taxpayers between $10-$15 million.

    • Concrete recycling continues by the northbound Highway 101 off-ramp at N. Padaro Ln.

Padaro Logo.png
Padaro Camera

 at South Padaro Ln.

Padaro Logo.png

at North Padaro Ln.

Summerland Logo.png
Summerland Camera

Sheffield Dr. Improvements

Montecito Logo.png

at San Ysidro Creek


Highway 101: Carpinteria to Santa Barbara is a project undertaken by Caltrans and SBCAG in cooperation with local agencies to add a new carpool lane in each direction between Carpinteria and Santa Barbara. The project will improve bridges, interchanges, on- and off-ramps, and add sound walls.

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